Stop Chasing

Why do we always crave the love that’s not given? What is it about the distant lover that makes our minds spiral into obsession just to hear them say we are worthy? It’s the cruel words from an absent parent that make their strongest mark on our self-worth. Why is the approval of a stranger so much sweeter than the kindness of a friend? I’ve heard stories of it being chemical. That deep within our DNA is the cell that commands us to chase the unworthy. But why would our creators doom us to such a terrible fate? What would happen to us if we stopped chasing the ones who don’t value us, the ones that never truly saw us, the ones that used us for their own selfish purpose? What if we chased the ones who unconditionally adore us, the ones who build us up not tear us down, the ones who inspire us to dream bigger. Just imagine how powerful we could be.


-S. Annette

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